Life is Life




Got my first Computer​
I was born​
The thirst for Digital Art was Born




Got hired at LaGraphico, now Midnight Oil Agency
I also started my Graphic Design Career
Became a father, scary times.



This is the serious block. The block that tells you what I do for a living now. I'm a father, a gamer, a partner, a friend, and so much more. More that you can read below in a more serious concrete "essay" style description.
All that debt gathering finally paying off. 7 years later, finally using my amazing **cough, cough** photoshop skills to the max in a professional environment
This is where it truly begins and ends.

All my life I've done art. From pencil scratching, to pen inks, to mediocre painting, all to lead to where I am today. A digital creator. Using the countless hours I spent growing up drawing, I decided to take my art to the next level. To utilize my two passions. Computers/Tech and Art. Taking those two things has allowed me to be part of an agency that utilizes them to the best of my abilities on a daily, or in my case, nightly basis. Thus now expanding my professional career to more than just the inside of those walls. It has led to me update and create outside those walls.

To fulfill that original goal.

I grew up mostly in Southern California, moving from city to city every half a decade or so. Finally settling down in the San Fernando Valley. I went to a few local schools with in the valley and am currently employed in Burbank. Was given a pretty good opportunity to learn the other side of the Design world, Print. Shortly after graduating with an AA in Graphic Design from FIDM, I began my career at Midnight Oil Agency, back then known  as LaGraphico. Having shown that I have the "chops" for more than the basics, I was given opportunities to grow and expand to what the company needed. Starting my career as a Proofer, I moved up several times to now working with several talented professionals in the Finishing Dept as a Color Artist/Retoucher. After some discussion with a few of the well experienced veterans in that room, I was convinced now to expand even more and create, or rather, update my portfolio and website.